Do the company supply vehicles ?

E-SCP have access to a number of vehicle suppliers  and can help you with acquiring a vehicle

Can I use my own vehicle ?

Yes. E-SCP recommend you have  SWB (short wheel base) such as a VW transporter, Ford Transit, Mercedes vito ect but larger vehicles are welcomed  

Do you supply accommodation ?

Yes. We will endeavor to help you find suitable accommodation

How do I get paid ?

You will be paid direct into your bank account

How do I pay for fuel at the beginning ?

We will be able to help you with the fuel at the beginning

What if I do not have a national Insurance Number ?

We will help you arrange an appointment to obtain a NINO .

What if I do not have a UTR number ?

We help you apply for one when you arrive

I do not have a bank account. What should I do ?

We will help you open a local bank account or you can use your own countries bank account

Will you require me to pay any money before I start work ?

No. we will not ask for money from you, any expenses you have will be deducted from your salary payment

Will I need to bring money with me ?

Yes you will need to bring enough money for food and personal expenses until the time of your first payment

Where will I be working ?

You will be given a number of locations to work from in the UK but this can depend on availability in different areasst payment

Will I have to buy my own flight ticket ?

Yes. If chosen we will notify the time and location you will be required to go too

Will the company pay me advance money before I get paid if I do not have enough ?

Yes we can help with this but only enough for you to live on till your first salary payment

Will I have training before I start ?

Yes we will give you 2 to 3 days training so you fully understand the job and our managers will support you for the first weeks with any problems you may be having

Will the UK leaving the EU stop me working in the UK ?

No it will not, any changes there may be will not happen till 3 years from now